Extreme Wheels and Tires is the premier repair shop in the Memphis area. We have been repairing rims for over 30 years and have the most up to date machinery and the best technicians in Memphis.

Here is why XT Wheel is the best. 

Wheel Repair


1. Call our sales staff give them type of car, model, size of wheel and a brief description of wheel and its damage (email pictures are great as well).
2. They will check our stock and ship you re-manufactured wheel that day for the re-manufactured wheel price.
3. When you receive your wheel take your old wheel put into box and ship back if wheel is in repairable condition your credit card will be credited the difference of re-manufactured wheel and the repair.
4. One to three days on most repairs shipping time not included
5. FREE FREIGHT one way on most wheel repairs.

• Short wait time: Simply drop off your wheels, or your car, and hang out in our comfortable waiting room while we do the repairs. 


• Overnight service: If you do not want to wait, no problem. Most of the time we can repair your wheels and have them ready the following day. 

No job is too big: Unless your wheel is completely destroyed. we can fix it! If we can't, we will help you find a replacement from out in-stock inventory of over 2000 OEM wheels!

• The Guarantee: We guarantee all of our work to be defect free! We will make your banged up wheels looks and ride like brand new! What more can you ask for?


• Most experienced technicians in Memphis: With over 80 years of combined experience in wheel repair and customization. Producing consistently perfect work.


• Legacy: We have been around for a while. People like us because we do quality work. We are a part of the Memphis story.



• Dent removal

• Scuff Removal

• Wheel Straightening

• Machining

• Re-finishing

• Polishing

• Buffing

• Crack repair

• Welding

• Wash and Detail

• Paining


• Mounting and balancing

• Tire rotation

• Tire inflation

• Safety check


Xtreme Wheelz 


Wheel Repair Shop | Custom Wheels | OEM Wheels 

Xtreme Wheels & Tires’ staff is knowledgeable, friendly, experienced, and committed 
to providing you with the very best service and support!


Offered Products and Services:

    • Lease to Own Payment Options

• In-house EZ Approval Financing

    • All Types of Wheel Repair & Refinishing

    • Equipment Wheels & Chrome Exchange

    • Custom Wheels & High-Performance Tires

• Tire Mounting, Balancing, and Tire Rotation


 We have thousands of new and re-manufactured wheels in stock.


Xtreme Wheels & Tires is located in “America’s Distribution’s Center” (Memphis, TN) so we can ship to most points in Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kentucky and Tennessee overnight and FREE of charge.

Xtreme Wheels & Tires…The one source that you can count on!

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